[ovs-discuss] Can you match on packet length?

Keith Holleman holleman at skyportsystems.com
Mon Jun 19 21:08:52 UTC 2017

Went to add a match rule based on packet length and couldn't find the right
term or syntax.  Then I searched the ovs-ofctl man page and couldn't find
anything.  Even more surprising was that I couldn't find an example of this
previously being asked on any OVS discussion groups.   Couldn't find it in
the FAQ either.  I know in stating so many places looked I will inevitably
get proven wrong but I did try.

So.....can you add a rule via ovs-ofctl to match on a packet's length?
Probably tricky because it would have to have greater-than and less-than
semantics and that doesn't play well with the fixed-length matches of
OpenFlow.  Are there any extensions that enable this?  Or any pointers to
previous discussions about it?

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