[ovs-discuss] VDEV device - Cannot set jumbo MTU

Avi Cohen (A) avi.cohen at huawei.com
Mon Jun 26 08:14:19 UTC 2017

Can someone help with this ?
I have ovs 2.7/ dpdk17.02.1
And I create a veth pair:  veth0 , veth1 
Veth1 is assigned to a namespace, and veth0 is created as an ovs port type dpdk af_packet.
I'm failing  to set its MTU  to jumbo during creation  -[default MTU is OK]
I get these error msgs when trying to set jumbo MTU :
ovs-vswitchd[1930]: ovs|00614|netdev_dpdk|WARN|Error attaching device 'eth_af_packet0,iface=veth0' to DPDK
ovs-vswitchd[1930]: ovs|00615|netdev|WARN|veth0: could not set configuration (Invalid argument)
ovs-vswitchd[1930]: ovs|00616|netdev|WARN|veth0: arguments provided to device that is not configurable
Best Regards


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