[ovs-discuss] max_speed and curr_speed isnt sent correctly

Tahereh Yaghoubi sityaghoubi at gmail.com
Wed Jun 28 04:22:56 UTC 2017


I want to collect of_port information from ovs switches. But in its reply,
value of max_speed is set to 0 and value of curr_speed is set to 10M while
I can receive ofp_port_stats correctly. Also I can ping all hosts. In my
mininet topology I determined bandwidth of links and I expect max_speed set
to bw.
when packets of of_port is inspected from ovs by using wireshark, ovs sent
these values.

I'm using ovs 2.7 in mininet 2.2.1. I tested it by ovs 2.3 in mininet 2.1.0
too and the result was same.

Could you please explain how can I get port description from my ovs

Thanks in advanced
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