[ovs-discuss] Nat functionality using Openflow, - Flow not allowed

Venugopal Reddy K venugopalreddyk at huawei.com
Wed May 24 12:16:53 UTC 2017


Yes. Arp fields can be modified. You can use set_field or load action as shown below.


set_field for arp_spa seem to be internally considered same as NXM_OF_ARP_SPA.  Even if set_field of arp_spa is used while adding the flow,  dump flow shows NXM_OF_ARP_SPA.

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Subject: [ovs-discuss] Nat functionality using Openflow, - Flow not allowed

Hi i am trying to emulate nat functionality with a flow like this.

ovs-ofctl add-flow s1 -Oopenflow13 priority=100,dl_type=0x806,in_port=1,action=mod_nw_src=,output:2

this results in an error

ovs-ofctl: none of the usable flow formate (OpenFlow10,NXM) is among the allowed flow formats (OXM-OpenFlow13)

have also tried mod_arp_spa
dl_type=0x806 is for arp packets

However the same rule works if dl_type=0x800 , but it is not what i would want.

1. Is changing the arp packet's src, dst ip not allowed?
2. is there any other way to achieve the same functionality?probably without using nxm extensions?

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