[ovs-discuss] Integration of ovn/ovs with kubernetes

Guru Shetty guru at ovn.org
Wed Nov 15 00:22:46 UTC 2017

On 14 November 2017 at 14:40, Sébastien Bernard <sbernard at nerim.net> wrote:

> Hello,
> I'm looking for some pieces of advise to use a network based on
> openvswitch with kubernetes.
> I've tried to follow the following document https://github.com/openvswitch
> /ovn-kubernetes, with some success and some failures.

> First, it's not really clear what version of kubernetes is supported with
> this software. I followed all the recipe, and at the end when starting the
> ovs-k8s-watcher, I get error about the system:anonymous-user not having the
> right to list services (tried with kubernetes 1.8).

I have seen it work till k8s 1.7. Haven't tried k8s 1.8 yet.
This is most likely some permission issue. Haven't seen it before. Are you
running it as a root? Can you use kubectl to list services? How about curl.
For e.g:

> Second, I was puzzled by the install procedure, I don't really know where
> the kubernetes configuration is modified. I was expecting some yaml to
> apply with the kubectl, and nothing seems to change the kube configuration.
> Where's the link between the pods and the ovs ?

When you do the "minion-init", it installs a OVN CNI plugin. The plugin
gets invoked by kubelet when a pod gets scheduled. The plugin will setup
the IP address and also add the pod's network interface to OVS.

> Third, is the 'ovn-k8s-overlay minion-init ' to be run on all minion and
> the master also or only on the nodes ?
minion-init only on the nodes.

> And last, what is the ovn-kube exectutable and how do you use it ?

This is a golang watcher which right now is only for advanced users, which
calls things like "minion-init", "master-init" etc on its own, allocating
subnets etc. We need to do a better job documenting it.

I would suggest starting from the vagrant here. To get familiar with
installation procedure. I often run it on my mac and it works.

You can then look at the installation scripts the vagrant uses.


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