[ovs-discuss] Cannot start OVS with DPDK

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Thu Nov 23 03:09:13 UTC 2017

I have OVS with DPDK support installed, but cannot start OVS with DPDK features.

Uio driver already installed and device binded:

root at compute-0-1:/var/log# dpdk-devbind.py -s

Network devices using DPDK-compatible driver
0000:0c:00.0 '82574L Gigabit Network Connection' drv=uio_pci_generic unused=

I can set the dpdk-init parameter to true using ovs-vsctl:

root at compute-0-1:/var/log# ovs-vsctl list open_vswitch
_uuid               : 8dd11fbd-74e1-4250-af04-e1c3511963e3
bridges             : [065d253b-172e-4994-9a3b-5de5f625a2b0, 6dacb0b3-55bd-4bdc-93d8-b0d9a29b5bba, 777fd459-1678-4cd9-a7fd-277f5ce42dfb, 937029a2-7ec4-4932-bdad-b10c45981343, a5919efe-fcfe-4ba0-9471-e28c6f428192, a946af11-f291-4600-b72a-f0b83b7357a2]
cur_cfg             : 38
datapath_types      : [netdev, system]
db_version          : "7.14.0"
external_ids        : {hostname="", system-id=""}
iface_types         : [geneve, gre, internal, ipsec_gre, "l3gre", lisp, patch, stt, system, tap, vxlan]
manager_options     : []
next_cfg            : 38
other_config        : {default-mtu="2140", dpdk-init="true", dpdk-lcore-mask="0x2", dpdk-socket-mem="2048"}
ovs_version         : "2.6.2.css4.R8B~d8f404f"
ssl                 : []
statistics          : {}
system_type         : ubuntu
system_version      : "14.04"

But every time OVS restarts (e.g. service openvswitch-switch restart or a system reboot), the dpdk-init parameter gets automatically set to false, which means I can’t use DPDK features.
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