[ovs-discuss] Apply some packet manipulation actions on outgoing port traffic

Ben Pfaff blp at ovn.org
Mon Oct 9 16:31:07 UTC 2017

On Sun, Oct 08, 2017 at 11:19:17PM +0200, Juraj Markotic wrote:
> we would need some functionality on manipulating packets when packet is
> exiting outgoing OVS port.
> I.e. some actions could be: change/anonymize mac/IPs for src/dst, or remove
> some tunnel header (vxlan, gtp, gre), truncate the payload etc.

OVS has actions for modifying headers and it can decapsulate tunnels and
truncate payloads.

> So, one option can be to write some code than can be attached to OVS to
> packet exiting out port (i.e. some lua scripts for manipulation).

Lua isn't needed.  You can use OpenFlow.

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