[ovs-discuss] OVSK flow keeps minimal rate

Mita Cokic mita.cokic at uns.ac.rs
Mon Oct 9 21:25:05 UTC 2017

Greetings everyone,

I was executing following test case - on 30Mbps link limited OVSK instance
data was pushed as two TCP flows:
- Flow A: 200Kbps
- Flow B: 300Mbps

I have observed that Flow A bandwidth drops for around 10% but still manages
to keep constant rate at about 180Kbps.

When this test case is repeated with Flow A bandwidth increased to 30Mbps,
both flows start to fluctuate, as expected behavior of congestion avoidance
algorithm (default, cubic).

Did anyone experience something like this? Does OVSK tries to keep flows
alive guaranteeing some minimal throughput?

Link egress was limited with creating a queue and ingress by setting
ingress_policing_rate and ingress_policing_burst.

Mita Cokic

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