[ovs-discuss] openvswitch and pox controller in wireless network

S hj segunhz at gmail.com
Wed Oct 11 17:30:21 UTC 2017


I have a network with four wireless nodes as below,
All wireless nodes are running openvswitch and one of them also run pox
controller (n1).
n1 is in range of all nodes. n2 only is in range of n3 (and n1) and n4 is
in range of n3 (and n1).

When I check wireshark, I can see the openflow messages between the other
three nodes and pox controller.


            n2                   n3                       n4

However, for example, when n2 pings n3, I can see each time (per each ICMP
packet) a packet_in message will be sent to the controller and when I check
the flow table of n2 the action is normal.

In this case, I have some questions: even if the wireless nodes are in the
transmission range of each other, does the nodes have to send packet_in
message to the controller in case of pining?

Also, I can see the LLDP messages, however, n4 cannot ping n2. In the
packet_out message, I can see the action is sending the packet to the
wireless interface of n4. But n3 doesn't forward this packet to n2. Do you
have any suggestion?

Thank you
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