[ovs-discuss] [ovnsb-rbac] Does Tcp connection (ovn-sb with ovn-controller) require RBAC?

Guoshuai Li ligs at dtdream.com
Fri Oct 13 09:21:44 UTC 2017

Hi all:

I try to use it build my connection:
ovn-sbctl set-connection  role = ovn-controller ptcp: 6642:

But Chassis has not been created.

ovn-controller log:
ovsdb_idl|WARN|transaction error: {"details":"RBAC rules for client 
\"(null)\" role \"ovn-controller\" prohibit modification of table 
\"Port_Binding\".","error":"permission error"}

Later I found tcp stream no peer_id ...

Whether RBAC needs to support TCP connections ?

Thinks, Guoshuai.

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