[ovs-discuss] Regarding queue size for each queue configured on openvswitch by using RYU controller

ANKUR SHETH sankur91 at gmail.com
Thu Oct 19 05:21:22 UTC 2017


I am currently working on the queue control and bandwidth control for
openvswitches using the RYU controller.

By making use of rest_qos.py and rest_conf_switch.py, I am able to
configure the multiple queues with required max and min bandwidth rates)
for the egress port , but I also want to limit the size of the queue for
the egress traffic for a particular port, which I am not able to do.

I actually intend to control the buffer size for the ingress as well as
egress traffic via openvswitch.

Could you please suggest on how I can achieve it or guide me to some
documentation. Any help is appreciated.

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