[ovs-discuss] Remove a meter, but the flows including this meter in their instruction set can't be removed.

Brandon Cheng brandon.cheng at estinet.com
Thu Oct 26 04:08:06 UTC 2017


I use openvswitch-2.1.2.
I found a bug which is shown as title.

My test steps as follows:
1. add a meter_3
2. add a meter_4
3. add a flow and its instruction set has meter_3.
4. modify this flow, replace meter_3 with meter_4.
5. dump-flows to confirm instruction set of this flow has meter_4.
    priority=100,ip,nw_dst=  actions=meter:4,output:6
6. Remove meter_4, but this flow can't be removed, even this flow used
7. Remove meter_3, then this flow is removed.

It seems the flow always used the meter which is binding at first time.

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