[ovs-discuss] Problem on OpenVSwitch 2.8.1

Fabio Zingaretti fabio.zingaretti at terradue.com
Tue Oct 31 15:41:53 UTC 2017

Dear support,
I’m testing OpenVSwitch version 2.8.1 on my infrastructure using CentOS7 , but I’m having any problem , in particular: 

1) I configured the VXLAN but if I perform a reboot of the server I lose the VXLAN configuration and I have to perform again the configuration 
2) I see the following error inside /var/log/messages :  “kernel: openvswitch: ovs: recursion limit reached on datapath ovs-system, probable configuration error”  but the configuration works properly…
I replicated the configuration that I used with old version of  OpenVSwitch. 
Best Regards,
Fabio Zingaretti

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