[ovs-discuss] [ovs-ovn 2.7] How to find the compute node hosting l3 gateway router

Vikrant Aggarwal ervikrant06 at gmail.com
Thu Sep 7 04:49:35 UTC 2017

Hi Team,

I have done the installation of packstack pike using ovn as mechanism
driver on centos. I have one controller and two compute nodes.

- Created one tenant geneve based network (added as port to router) and a
flat external network (set as gateway for router).

[root at controller ~(keystone_admin)]# rpm -qa | awk '/openvswitch-ovn/
{print $1}'

I am trying to find a compute node on which my gateway router is hosted and
also the command to check the health of distributed logical routers.

It seems like that "lrp-get-gateway-chassis" command is not present in the
version which I am using.

[root at controller ~]# ovn-nbctl lrp-get-gateway-chassis
ovn-nbctl: unknown command 'lrp-get-gateway-chassis'; use --help for help

[root at controller ~]# ovn-nbctl --help | grep -i gateway


Output of ovn-nbctl show.


[root at controller ~(keystone_admin)]# ovn-nbctl show
    switch 0d413d9c-7f23-4ace-9a8a-29817b3b33b5
        port 6fe3cab5-5f84-44c8-90f2-64c21b489c62
            addresses: ["fa:16:3e:fa:d6:d3"]
        port 397c019e-9bc3-49d3-ac4c-4aeeb1b3ba3e
            addresses: ["router"]
        port 4c72cee2-35b7-4bcd-8c77-135a22d16df1
            addresses: ["fa:16:3e:55:3f:be"]
    switch 1ec08997-0899-40d1-9b74-0a25ef476c00
        port provnet-e411bbe8-e169-4268-b2bf-d5959d9d7260
            addresses: ["unknown"]
        port b95e9ae7-5c91-4037-8d2c-660d4af00974
            addresses: ["router"]
    router 7418a4e7-abff-4af7-85f5-6eea2ede9bea
        port lrp-b95e9ae7-5c91-4037-8d2c-660d4af00974
            mac: "fa:16:3e:52:20:7c"
            networks: [""]
        port lrp-397c019e-9bc3-49d3-ac4c-4aeeb1b3ba3e
            mac: "fa:16:3e:87:28:40"
            networks: [""]

Thanks & Regards,
Vikrant Aggarwal
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