[ovs-discuss] Tenant multicast traffic on OpenStack with OVN

Tom Verdaat tom at server.biz
Fri Sep 8 09:25:50 UTC 2017

Hi all,

I've been looking into how we can enable multicast traffic for our
OpenStack tenants. We once had this on an old OpenStack release that was
using nova-networking and a flat network, but lost this when moving to a
Neutron provider networking setup. Apparently - according to Cisco - it
doesn't work with a regular Neutron ML2 + OVS setup due to what the neutron
L3 agent does with namespaces and iptables.

In reply to an audience questions about it during the Boston OpenStack
Summit talk on OVN somebody mentioned that OVS can handle multicast traffic
just fine and that this means using OVN it could, potentially, also work
for tenants. So with the new OpenStack Pike release, OVN active/passive HA
support making it suitable for production and OVN doing away with all the
Neutron agents (including the L3 agent?) things are looking up. Just
wondering if anyone could tell me:

Would multicast work when using Neutron with OVN?

If so, would it work with provider networks, flat networking, or both?

Any insights into the state of multicast supoprt is greatly appreciated!


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