[ovs-discuss] Wireless OVS

S hj segunhz at gmail.com
Mon Sep 11 16:53:24 UTC 2017


I am working with CORE Network Emulator and I implemented a MANET including
three wireless nodes.

I am trying to run OVS on these three nodes. The topology is as follows,

node (1) --- node(2) -- -node(3)

In this topology, for the first step,  when I run OVS on wireless nodes as
a normal switch (standalone), node(1) can ping node(2), and node(2) can
ping node(3). However, node(1) cannot ping node(3).

When I captured the packets, there is no ARP Reply packet to help node (1)
to know the mac address of node(3).
(I did not have this problem when I run OVS on the same topology in wired

Could you help me with this issue? Could you let me know how to configure
OVSs to activate ARP Reply packets and how to see the mac table ?

Thank you
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