[ovs-discuss] Internal load balancer

Emmanuel Duros Emmanuel.Duros at oneaccess-net.com
Wed Sep 13 16:25:49 UTC 2017

Dear All,

I am trying to figure out if there are any possibilities to
create an internal load balancer.

Basically I would like to create the following setup with
OVS and VMs:

      WAN     LAN        WAN     LAN
      --- VM1 ---        --- VM2 ---
     |           |      |           |
     |           |      |           |
|                 OVS                    |
       |                        |
       |                        |
      eth0                     eth1
     (WAN)                    (LAN)

Those VMs operate as bridge and we may imagine having more than

I Would like to distribute flows among the VMs based on L2, L3
and/or L4 information. Is there a way to dynamically do this ?

I have checked the interface bonding feature with the balance−slb
mode but it seems to be appropriate for bonding physical
interface. Furthermore, it uses the src MAC address which is not
very relevant in this scenario.

If there is no way to configure this in OVS, I am thinking of
writing a user app load balancer that would be connected through
multiple tap interfaces to OVS. E.g the app would receive traffic from
eth0 via OVS, and select an output tap interface. This tap interface 
would be linked to a specific VM by configuration.

Any hint would be highly appreciated !


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