[ovs-discuss] bridge several vlans and an IP IF

Thu Sep 14 15:45:14 UTC 2017

I fail with bridging multitagged vlans which brings me in trouble.
May be you can find the fault or solution for ovs

I do have one phy IF ens19 which is a trunk for several vlans.
But I do need only a few on a single iP interface.


These three vlans should be on a single bridge.
The bridge should get a ip interface which can be reached from the untagged, tagged and doubletagged vlan. Do to the scenario its not necessary to bridge between the three vlans .

Its simple to setup with bridgetools on linux but doesn't work.

I send a dhcp discover to the IP IF. This is received and processed from dhcrelay and the answer is on the IP IF of the bridge. (as far as tcpdump can see this)
But the frame never departed through the phy interface. All macs are learned and seen but the traffic isn't forwarded.

The only kick to bring it in working state is to remove the not necessary (for the moment) ifs for a moment and reconnect after dhcp is done and arps are exchange. Afterwards it works till arp/fdb aging is cleaning the tables.

1.       I wasn't able to bring together untagged single and doubletagged vlans on a single bridge. Un +tagged or un+double is possible but doesn't work.

2.       Same behavior with bridgeutils except the three vlans together on a bridge.

3.       All these /proc/sys/net/bridge/bridge-nf-* set to zero

4.       No firewall rules

5.       No ebtables rules

I really don't know why the frame isn't forwarded although the macs are valid and known.


THX alot

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