[ovs-discuss] invalid Ethertype 0 in flow key

Jamshaid Faisal j.faisal at gmail.com
Mon Feb 12 20:10:06 UTC 2018


Lately i have seen a lot of below messages in log (/var/log/messages). It
is happening no matter which OVS version i use. Below log is from ovs 2.7.2

Feb 12 12:03:21 SGP1-1-10 ovs-vswitchd:
ovs|00135|odp_util(revalidator72)|ERR|Dropped 27 log messages in last 58
seconds (most recently, 3 seconds ago) due to excessive rate
Feb 12 12:03:21 SGP1-1-10 ovs-vswitchd:
ovs|00136|odp_util(revalidator72)|ERR|invalid Ethertype 0 in flow key

They even happens with minimum config without vxlan etc.
I am using XEN and its hot-plug script vif-openvsiwtch. Openvswitch is
compiled with default options.

What does these messages really mean?

I dont see any functional issues, VMs have network, VXLAN also works fine,
But why lot of above messages in log ?

Please help.

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