[ovs-discuss] bond control syntax

Chris Boley ilgtech75 at gmail.com
Sun Mar 4 15:27:15 UTC 2018

 The "other_config:" options don't seem to be running in my bond setup.
It's difficult for me to understand if my syntax is bad because for
whatever reason there's not a lot of examples regarding manually
controlling LACP negotiation.
All those tagged in options look like one huge line on my
/etc/network/interfaces config file.

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

# Bond eth1 and eth2 together
allow-vbridge0 vbond0
iface vbond0 inet manual
        ovs_bridge vbridge0
        ovs_type OVSBond
        ovs_bonds eth1 eth2
        ovs_options bond_mode=balance-slb lacp=active
other_config:lacp-time=slow lacp-system-priority=50
bond-rebalance-interval=5000 bond-detect-mode=miimon
bond-miimon-interval=100 bond_updelay=200 bond_downdelay=200
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