[ovs-discuss] OVS 2.9.0: priority=0 actions=CONTROLLER flow counts but doesn't output packets to the controller

Josh Bailey joshb at google.com
Tue Mar 6 06:54:30 UTC 2018


Hoping I'm missing something obvious!

I have a flow like this:

$ grep CONTROLLER sab-dump-flows.log
 cookie=0x5adc15c0, duration=63.446s, table=3, n_packets=60, n_bytes=3436,
priority=0 actions=CONTROLLER:96

I can cause packets to match it, but no packets are output ot the

faucet at faucet:/var/tmp/faucet-tests-1KL3eg/FaucetUntaggedTestZeroPriorityFlowsTest-test_untagged$
tshark -l -n -Q -d tcp.port==40649,openflow -O openflow_v4 -Y
"openflow_v4.packet_in.total_len>0" -r fa*cap|wc -l

If I specify any priority other than 0, it works (packets are output to
controller via packet in messages).

Is there something special about priority=0 flows and the CONTROLLER action?

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