[ovs-discuss] OVN Database sizes - Auto compact feature

Ben Pfaff blp at ovn.org
Wed Mar 7 18:03:33 UTC 2018

On Wed, Mar 07, 2018 at 05:53:15PM +0100, Daniel Alvarez Sanchez wrote:
> Repeated the test with 1000 ports this time. See attached image.
> For some reason, the sizes grow while deleting the ports (the
> deletion task starts at around x=2500). The weird thing is why
> they keep growing and the online compact doesn't work as when
> I do it through ovs-appctl tool.
> I suspect this is a bug and eventually it will grow and grow unless
> we manually compact the db.

Would you mind trying out an older ovsdb-server, for example the one
from OVS 2.8?  Some of the logic in ovsdb-server around compaction
changed in OVS 2.9, so it would be nice to know whether this was a
regression or an existing bug.

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