[ovs-discuss] OVS DPDK performance

Ceco tz.stoyanov at gmail.com
Thu Mar 8 12:09:56 UTC 2018

Hi all
I have a question about a performance in a specific use case, and any
suggestions  how to improve it. Use case:
Host runs Fedora 23, with kernel 4.4,  ovs 2.7.2 and dpdk 16.11. There are
few interfaces: first one does not support DPDK, all others support it.
Tested topology:
port 1 ---> ovs bridge 1 ---> VM ---> ovs bridge 2 ---> port 2
Traffic is unidirectional, from port 1 to port 2. Tested with 1500byte
packets. When port 1 and port 2 are configured in default (virtio) mode,
the throughput is ~500Mbps. If port 1 is in the same virtio mode, but port
2 is configured in DPDK (with datapath_type netdev), the max throughput is
~25Mbps. Noted that the packet size does not matter (checked with 64byte
packets),  in "bad" case it can process up to 2200 pps.

Any ideas how to improve the performance in the "bad" use case scenario. I
need to run in DPDK all interfaces, which support it.
If I switch to latest ovs (2.9) and dpdk, will it improve the performance -
are there any fixes related to this ?

Best Regards
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