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William Fisher william.w.fisher at gmail.com
Thu Mar 8 19:38:42 UTC 2018

Hi Xiao,

You are proposing an OpenFlow proxy that passively accepts connections from
OF switches, and feeds them upwards to multiple active/passive controller
clients C1 and C2.  You want to use ovs-ofctl as one of these clients.
ovs-ofctl would make an active connection to the proxy to get access to one
of several existing OF control connections. Please let me know if my
summary is incorrect.

A couple of issues:

1. How does ovs-ofctl tell the proxy which datapath_id it is interested in?

I assume ovs-ofctl expects to connect to a single datapath. It may issue a
FEATURES_REQUEST message to find out who it is talking to.  This sounds
like virtual hosting, so something like TLS SNI could be used.  Otherwise,
this requires modifications to the OF protocol (an EXPERIMENTER message or
custom HELLO element)

2. xid's need to be virtualized.

If client C1 issues a FLOW_STATS request with xid 1, the reply should go to
C1 only.  This may require that the proxy re-maps xid's to a different
number when sent to the real OF connection.

3. If a client issues a read-write OF command (e.g. SET_ASYNC), it is
understood that this changes the datapath state for all clients.

Are there any other issues or situations that such a tool would need to


On Thu, Mar 8, 2018 at 10:30 AM Ben Pfaff <blp at ovn.org> wrote:

> On Thu, Mar 08, 2018 at 07:51:23PM +0800, Xiao Liang wrote:
> > In my experience, one thing I feel inconvenient is that some switches
> > don't support controller-initiated connections. It would be helpful
> > for testing and debugging if ovs-ofctl could be used.
> > I'd propose an openflow proxy which is responsible for accepting and
> > maintaining connections from switches, opening sockets for controllers
> > to connect, and proxy messages between them. So that openflow tools
> > like ovs-ofctl can operate on these switches.
> > Another approach might be adding a "passive mode" to ovs-ofctl, which
> > listens for connections, and opens an interactive shell to run
> > commands.
> I guess that this is a problem with non-OVS switches?  OVS does support
> controller-initiated connections.
> The proxy that you describe is going to be difficult to write because to
> be most useful it would have to multiplex multiple connections into a
> single connection.  OpenFlow connections are not stateless, so it would
> have to figure out how to effectively partition the desires of multiple
> clients into a single session.  I haven't thought through all the
> necessary logic, but it would not be trivial.
> I think that the ovs-ofctl passive mode that you describe is similar in
> practice to writing a proxy: probably, it would internally start a proxy
> and then allow the user to access it.  It might be easiest to actually
> implement it as a mode for the proxy that starts a subshell.
> I think that this is a worthy project, for someone for whom support for
> non-OVS switches is important, and I'd encourage a motivated developer
> to work on it.
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