[ovs-discuss] raft ovsdb clustering

aginwala aginwala at asu.edu
Tue Mar 13 01:41:26 UTC 2018

Hi Ben/Noman:

I am trying to setup 3 node southbound db cluster  using raft10
<https://patchwork.ozlabs.org/patch/854298/> in review.

# Node 1 create-cluster
ovsdb-tool create-cluster /etc/openvswitch/ovnsb_db.db
/root/ovs-reviews/ovn/ovn-sb.ovsschema tcp:

# Node 2
ovsdb-tool join-cluster /etc/openvswitch/ovnsb_db.db OVN_Southbound tcp: tcp: --cid

#Node 3
ovsdb-tool join-cluster /etc/openvswitch/ovnsb_db.db OVN_Southbound tcp: tcp: tcp: --cid

# ovn remote is set to all 3 nodes
external_ids:ovn-remote="tcp:, tcp:,

# Starting sb db on node 1 using below command on node 1:

ovsdb-server --detach --monitor -vconsole:off -vraft -vjsonrpc
--remote=db:OVN_Southbound,SB_Global,connections --unixctl=ovnsb_db.ctl

# check-cluster is returning nothing
ovsdb-tool check-cluster /etc/openvswitch/ovnsb_db.db

# ovsdb-server-sb.log below shows the leader is elected with only one
server and there are rbac related debug logs with rpc replies and empty
params with no errors

2018-03-13T01:12:02Z|00002|raft|DBG|server 63d1 added to configuration
2018-03-13T01:12:02Z|00003|raft|INFO|term 6: starting election
2018-03-13T01:12:02Z|00004|raft|INFO|term 6: elected leader by 1+ of 1

Now Starting the ovsdb-server on the other clusters fails saying
ovsdb-server: ovsdb error: /etc/openvswitch/ovnsb_db.db: cannot identify
file type

Also noticed that man ovsdb-tool is missing cluster details. Might want to
address it in the same patch or different.

Please advise to what is missing here for running ovn-sbctl show as this
command hangs.
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