[ovs-discuss] Extending the same network across datacenters

Roberto Suárez Soto robe at allenta.com
Fri Mar 23 12:44:36 UTC 2018


    I've just known about OVS, so please bear with me if I'm asking
something silly or already in the FAQs. Don't hesitate to RTFM me if
that's the case.

    We have a main datacenter and a backup one (for disaster recovery),
and would like to be able to start VMs in any of them without changing
IP addresses. For example: let's say I have a VM with IP in
the main datacenter, and for whatever reason, I have to move it to the
backup one. I'd like it to be moved with the same IP, so we needn't
change DNS entries, and have users access it without notice.

    Communication between main and backup datacenters would be done via
a dedicated link, with Linux firewalls at both ends, and users would
have to pass through those firewalls to access the VMs. The firewalls
would have physical interfaces connecting them to the VM network, the
user network and the dedicated network that links the two datacenters.
Ideally, when a user wants to get to some VM, traffic would go to one of
the firewalls and it would magically know how to reach it, be it in the
main or the backup datacenter.

    I think this could be done with something in the firewalls that
bridged together the physical interface and the dedicated link, and
that's where OVS comes in. Could it be used to do this?

    Sorry for sucking at explaining myself. Please, feel free to ask
whatever I didn't make clear enough.

    Thanks in advance,

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