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Slavica Tomovic slavicat.cg at gmail.com
Tue Mar 27 08:27:12 UTC 2018


I actually found on the mailing list that many have reported similar issues
with hash. So, sorry for repeating the question.
However, I also found this post:


Can you tell me does this patch exist and does it use UDP ports in hash
calculations? My controller does not support OF 1.5, so I cannot change
that via command ovs-ofctl set.

That would probably solve my problem.



2018-03-27 0:02 GMT+02:00 Slavica Tomovic <slavicat.cg at gmail.com>:

> Hi,
> I have a problem when trying to do equal load balancing with OVS switches.
> For example, in one scenario I had three buckets with equal weights (10). I
> generated 9 flows that differ in terms of destination IP address (towards
> the same egress OVS node). However, the result was as follows:
> 1. bucket - 5 flows
> 2. bucket - 2 flows
> 3. bucket - 2 flows
> These traffic flows are the only flows that traverse the table (I adjusted
> flow table rule to achieve that), so unequal traffic splitting is not due
> to ARP traffic or something similar.
> Is this due to hash function? Can I somehow overcome this issue and
> achieve splitting according to the weights?
> This is really important for me because I am trying to test load balancing
> algorithm that optimizes network performance by periodically adjusting the
> weights to a current network state.
> Thanks in advance,
> Slavica
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