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Thank you very much for the slides,

Hmm the presentation doesn’t actually have much detail on why the upper bound is ~30G (I guess per port), well with 6 cores anyways, using the slow x86 path.


So is the point you’re trying to make that above 40G per port one needs to enter the realm of “smart” NICs please

If true then I’d be interested in how do these differ from the say P4/Tofino like chips.

I guess that’s the realm where I’d be limited in terms of available OVS features to only those for which a HW acceleration is available on the NIC –is that assumption correct please? 





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Have a look at : 




Disclaimer I worked for Nuage at the time that was done, and work for Redhat now.




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> Currently - doing slow-path through commodity x86 silicon you are pretty
> much capped at 40gbit; so beyond a few use cases where you are say
> writting to an NVME array directly within minimal CPU interaction 100G to
> nodes is relatively limited. I've read several relatively good analysis
> indicate that we are close to physical limits when we hit around 130Gbit
> Ethernet ; but currently 40Gbit through existing x86_64 architectures is
> spot on.
Hi Joel,

Thank you very much for the info,

I assume this limit is per physical NIC is that the case please?
(I'm wondering if I'd get a ~100Gbps worth of throughput (100G in + 100G
out) through the system as a whole -i.e. multiple interfaces, essentially
turning it into an OVS-router.

Would you please share what is the limiting factor? 
(just found that PCIe 3.0 x16 should be capped at 126.075Gbps usable BW;
DDR3-2133 @ ~136.5Gbps and Intel® Xeon® Processor E5 Family it's 372.8 Gbps)

Thakn you very much


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