[ovs-discuss] It is possible build a Loop Topology using In-band mode without stp ?

Rafael Neves rafhn at hotmail.com
Sun Nov 4 17:57:13 UTC 2018

Hi All

I am trying to build a triangle topology  as shown below but using  in-band mode

In my attempts I only get this topology working when I enable  STP (spanning-tree) directly in openVswitch (ovs-vsctl set Bridge br1 stp_enable=true) or when I open the loop, to wait the controller communication to be established and close the loop again.

Im using raspberry pi 3 as openvswitch with OVS 2.3.0.

When I try to use Ryu app as ofctl_rest.py, simple_switch.py , simple_switch_stp.py or rest_route.py running in-band mode without stp  the behavior of the switches is unpredictable. When I use theses same Ryu app running a out-of-band mode the switches works normally.

I am setting inband networking communication with the command  ip addr add dev br1 (my controller stays in this same network), each switch has three interfaces  eth0, eth1 e eth2, about it, which one the switch will be use to communicate when I set the ip directly in the bridge ?

Anyone knows if is possible to build a loop topology in in-band mode without enable STP ?

                Ryu Controller



                    /              \

H1 -----    s1     ----    s3 ------- H2

Thanks !
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