[ovs-discuss] Physical interface vs interface under OVS bridge Performance/throughput impact

Srinivas talkwithsrinivas at yahoo.co.in
Wed Nov 14 17:54:52 UTC 2018

Hello all,Lets say i have a physical interface eth0 that i move under a ovs-bridge br0.
a) What would the performance / throughput impact as a result of the physical interface being part of the ovs bridge now?The reason i ask is there is probably a extra hop the packet will have to take now to go  from the physical interface through the ovs stack before it reaches the ip on the bridge now.
b ) Would this performance impact be more if i run ovs as a plain L2 learning switch i.e no openflow rules configured.
I searched around and did not see this answered. So apologies if i missed something in this regard.
truly, Srinivas.
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