[ovs-discuss] Openvswitch and NetworkManager

Timothy Redaelli tredaelli at redhat.com
Sun Nov 18 12:42:01 UTC 2018

On Sat, 17 Nov 2018 19:38:21 +0000
Alexander Witte <alexander.witte at baicanada.com> wrote:

> Hi!
> Brace yourself for a noob question-
> Im working through a guide on setting up OVS on Fedora 29 (Desktop).  By default the system uses Network Manager (I had to manually install the network-scripts package to get the network.service).  I've read that the plan is to solely use Network Manager in the near future.
> Does OVS play nice with Network Manager; do you foresee/are there issues running NetworkManager with OVS?

there is a preliminary support to manage OVS bridges inside
NetworkManager itself (NetworkManager-ovs Fedora package) [1].

The official openvswitch package for Fedora 29 and Fedora Rawhide has
the "legacy network service support" in the
"network-scripts-openvswitch" package that is installed, by default,
only if you have the network-scripts package installed.

Moreover Network Manager should not interfere with interfaces not
created or managed by it and so you should be able to create and manage
OVS interfaces manually without any problem, if you want to do that.


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