[ovs-discuss] VLAN mode=dot1q-tunnel and tags in OVS

Sim Paul simpaul48 at gmail.com
Mon Nov 19 15:32:46 UTC 2018

> > I am still trying to understand the test case behavior that i pasted in
> my
> > previous email.
> > In my first test case when vlan-limit=1, the ping worked because
> > only the outside VLAN tag (36) was inspected ??
> > But in second case when i set vlan-limit=2, ping stopped working because
> > both tags 36 and 120 were inspected ?
> >
> > Shouldn't the ping work even in second test case ?
> I'm not sure. Your configuration is a big odd. dot1q-tunnel should only
> be configured at the ends, but it sounds like you've added it to the
> patch ports as well.
> Are you saying you are able to ping a virtual machine sitting on a
neighboring ovs bridge
by simply configuring dot1q-tunnel at the end points (VM NICs) ? Plz
For me, if i don't configure all 4 ports(two VM VNICs and two patch ports)
as dot1q-tunnel,
VM1 sitting on ovsbr1 CANNOT ping VM2 sitting on ovsbr2.
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