[ovs-discuss] Issue when using local_ip with VXLAN tunnels in OVS

Gregory Rose gvrose8192 at gmail.com
Tue Nov 20 00:17:43 UTC 2018

Hi Siva,

One more request  - I need to see the underlying network configuration 
of the hypervisor running the two VMs.
Are both VMs on the same machine?  If so then just the network 
configuration of the base machine
running the VMs, otherwise the network configuration of each base 
machine running their perspective

This is turning into quite the investigation and I apologize that it is 
taking so long.  Please bear with me
if you can and we'll see if we can't get this problem solved.  I've seen 
some puzzling bugs before and
this one is turning out to be one of the best.  Or worst.... depends on 
your outlook.  :)

Thanks for all your help so far!

- Greg

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