[ovs-discuss] Issue when using local_ip with VXLAN tunnels in OVS

Gregory Rose gvrose8192 at gmail.com
Tue Nov 27 18:35:12 UTC 2018


You have a routing issue.

See interalia

For this to work you must be able to ping from the local IP to the 
remote IP *through* the remote IP address.As we have seen that doesn't work.

As an aside, why do you have two bridges to the same VMs?  Your 
configuration makes it impossible to
set a route because  you have two sets of IP addresses and routes all on 
two bridges going into the same
VMs.  In that configuration the local ip option makes  no sense. You 
don't need it - you're already bridged.

I understand that you have seen the gre configuration work and I'm not 
sure why because it has the same
requirements for the local ip to be routable through the remote ip. And 
again, there is no point to the
local ip option because the ip addresses do not need to be routed to 
reach each other.

In any case, I'm going to set up a valid configuration and then make 
sure that the local ip option does work
or not.  I'll report back when I'm done.


- Greg

On 11/20/2018 10:13 AM, Gregory Rose wrote:
> On 11/20/2018 10:03 AM, Siva Teja ARETI wrote:
>> On Tue, Nov 20, 2018 at 12:59 PM Gregory Rose <gvrose8192 at gmail.com 
>> <mailto:gvrose8192 at gmail.com>> wrote:
>>     On 11/19/2018 6:30 PM, Siva Teja ARETI wrote:
>>>     [user at hyp-1] ip route
>>>     default via A.B.C.D dev enp5s0  proto static  metric 100
>>> <> dev testbr0  proto kernel 
>>>     scope link  src linkdown
>>> <> dev testbr1  proto kernel 
>>>     scope link  src
>>> <> dev testbr2  proto kernel 
>>>     scope link  src
>>     Hi Siva,
>>     I'm curious about these bridges.  Are they Linux bridges or OVS
>>     bridges?
>>     If they are Linux bridges please provide the output of 'brctl show'.
>>     If they are OVS bridges then please provide the output of
>>     'ovs-vsctl show'.
>>     Thanks!
>>     - Greg
>> Hi Greg,
>> These are linux bridges.
>> [user at hyp1 ] brctl show
>> bridge namebridge idSTP enabledinterfaces
>> docker08000.02428928dba5noveth6079ee7
>> testbr08000.000000000000yes
>> testbr18000.fe540005937cyesvnet2
>> vnet5
>> testbr28000.fe540079ef92yesvnet1
>> vnet4
>> virbr08000.fe54000ad370yesvnet0
>> vnet3
>>  Siva Teja.
> Thanks Siva!  I'll follow up when I have more questions and/or results.
> - Greg

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