[ovs-discuss] [OVN] OVN split: Database schemas and ovn-ctl script

Lucas Alvares Gomes lucasagomes at gmail.com
Fri Aug 9 10:49:36 UTC 2019


While testing OVN compiled from the new repository [0] with OpenStack
I noticed two problems, so I'm writing this email to bring some
attention to it since I don't have the time this week to work on it
(maybe someone else has):

1. "make install" not placing the ovn-{nb, sb}.ovsschema files in the
correct directory.

By default you can expect the schema files to be placed at
/usr/local/share/openvswitch but right now it doesn't seem to be the
case. Schemas can't be found in the new /usr/local/share/ovn directory

Also, since I've compiled OVS first, the schemas at
/usr/local/share/openvswitch were the (old) ones from the OVS
repository and upon starting northd via ovn-ctl [1] the wrong schemas
were used to create the OVN databases (start_northd command will
create the databases if they do not yet exist). Which brings me to
point two.

2. The ovn-ctl script in the new OVN repository is broken.

stack at ubuntu:~/ovs$ /usr/local/share/ovn/scripts/ovn-ctl stop_northd
/usr/local/share/ovn/scripts/ovn-ctl: 19: .: Can't open

[0] https://github.com/ovn-org/ovn/

[1] $ /usr/local/share/openvswitch/scripts/ovn-ctl start_northd


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