[ovs-discuss] ipsec - idl.py problem

Shihong Wang shihong.wang at corigine.com
Fri Aug 23 06:28:13 UTC 2019

Respect Open vSwitch Committee:

I am a junior programmer working in software development in China. I studied the  Open vSwitch and  learn a lot of useful knowledge from the code .
I personally like this code. Detailed comments make it easy to understand.

              I have read the Python script related to IPSec in detail, which is used to interact with the database and the kernel.
              In the process of reading the code , I encountered a small problem that I couldn't understand.
              Why do IDL class  run functions in idl.py cycle 50 times to received message? I'm puzzled.
I'm looking forward to your email to answer this question . thanks!


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