[ovs-discuss] Flow comparison with OFPFlowMod message

Nick Yurchenko urchennko at gmail.com
Tue Aug 27 19:08:08 UTC 2019


In my project I need to compare an active flow in the table(obtained from
`EventOFPFlowStatsReply`) with a OFPFlowMod message that is sent to the

I've thrown together a method to compare the two but it doesn't look good.
Is there a better way to do this?
def compare_flow_and_flowmsg(flow, msg):
    # TODO: this is v hacky, there must be a better way to compare this
    return sorted(flow.match.items()) == sorted(msg.match.items()) and\
        flow.cookie == msg.cookie and \
        all(action1.serialize_body() == action2.serialize_body() for
            action1, action2 in
            zip(flow.instructions[0].actions, msg.instructions[0].actions))
Thank you.
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