[ovs-discuss] Three or more switches topology in Daisy chain

Vikas Kumar vikassanmacs at gmail.com
Thu Aug 29 05:02:54 UTC 2019

hello everyone,
could anyone please suggest me how i can achieve the below requirement

               |                         |                              |
               |                         |                              |
              H1                      H2                          H3

suppose in the above scenario s1 is connected with H1 on port s1-eth1 ,  s1
is connected with s2 on the ports s1-eth2 and s2-eth2 respectively, H2 is
connected with s2 on port s2-eth1, s2 and s3 are connected with each other
on the ports s2-eth3 and s3-eth2 respectively, H3 is connected with s3 on
the port s3-eth1.
                                                      Now, i am apply prio
qdisc on s1-eth1, s1-eth2, s2-eth1, s2-eth2, s2-eth3, s3-eth1, s3-eth2
                                               suppose i want to send
packets from H1 to H3 of different TOS values. I have observed that packets
are getting shaped on s1 switch only, while packets are passing through s2
switch, so at s2 switch also packets shaping should happen, but its not
                                             could anyone suggest me why is
this shaping not happening at s2 switch? if i want to achieve the shaping
of packets at s2 switch also in that case how i can achieve? any suggestion
is welcomed.

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