[ovs-discuss] Another OVN integration with Kubernetes

刘梦馨 liumengxinfly at gmail.com
Thu Aug 29 14:39:31 UTC 2019

Hi, all

We have implemented a Kubernetes network plugin that use OVN to manage the
container network, Kube-OVN https://github.com/alauda/kube-ovn.

This project has some similarities with ovn-kubernetes in function set and
architecture. The main difference is that ovn-kubernetes uses a
switch-per-node network topology while Kube-OVN  uses a
switch-per-namespace (namespace is a virtual cluster in Kubernetes concept)
topology. On top of that we implemented static ip, switch level ACL,
traffic mirroring functions.

We have developed and test this project for about six months and we want to
hear more suggestions from the community. Any thought about Kube-OVN are

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