[ovs-discuss] Add channel topic to #openvswitch on IRC

Stephen Finucane stephen at that.guru
Tue Jan 8 18:04:22 UTC 2019

I'm not sure if #openvwitch on freenode is a valid, official IRC
channel or not and I don't see any admins connected at the moment. If
it is, I'm seeing a lot of questions being asked there that would
probably be better directed here, to ovs-discuss. It might be advisable
to set a topic like the below on that channel:

   This channel is for ???. For question about OVS, please email 
   ovs-discuss at openswitch.org

(??? because I don't actually know what the channel is intended for).

If it's not an official channel, perhaps it's worth reaching out to the
freenode admins and trying to get it, if only so you can set a topic
pointing people elsewhere?


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