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sadou diallo elhadj-sadou.diallo at etudiant.univ-reims.fr
Wed Jan 9 02:08:07 UTC 2019

I’m using openvswitch bridge to implement a SDN network. I have 2 virtual machines (debian) on VirtualBox(I use intern network for connexion between vm), on VM1 I installed ONOS( controller and in the other VM2 I installed openvswitch and one VM3(alpine-linux) created by  libvirt(qemu). VM2 has 3 interfaces (eth0, eth1, vnet) and openvswitch bridge called ovs1. Eth0 is a NAT interface(for internet), eth1 is attached to ovs1 bridge and vnet is a virtual interface that i create by libvirt and attached to ovs1. VM3 (eth0 is booting on vnet interface. I set up ovs1 interface with All the VMs are in the same network. Now I would like to ping VM3 from VM1 or vice versa, but the ping dosn’t work. The ping only work between VM1 <->VM2, VM2 <->VM3. I check VM2 arp table I found the mac address of eth1(VM1) with ovs1 interface and mac address of eth0(VM3) with ovs1 interface. I don’t Know why the ping doesn’t work betwwen VM1<->VM3. Could you help me please ?

Ps :It’s just a part of my architecture I would like to test it before Moving on.

Best Regards
Diallo Sadou

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