[ovs-discuss] Way to distinguish different packets rather than parsing a packet?

Krish attkillrocks at gmail.com
Thu Jan 10 06:34:47 UTC 2019

Is there any other way to distinguish different types of packets/flows when
they enter dp_netdev_input__ and processed further(EMC,fastpath etc)?

As of now, I have to *flow_extract* the packets using *struct flow flow*:

if (flow.nw_proto == IPPROTO_TCP && l4_size >= TCP_HEADER_LEN) I want to
distinguish different packets like udp,icmp,tcp etc. Parsing packets is
time consuming. OR Another idea is to extract 5_tuple_fields from the
packet and calculate hash on these fields without *miniflow_extract*, Can
anyone help me pointing to the right direction of where or how I can
extract these fields without miniflow or flow extract? Any help would be
highly appreciated Thank You
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