[ovs-discuss] Iperf3 measurement problems through OVS

Ramzah Rehman ramzahrehman at gmail.com
Thu Jan 10 09:39:12 UTC 2019

Please share the result of ovs-ofctl dump-flows on each switch. Also, can
you ping from one server to another?

Best Regards,
Ramzah Rehman

On Mon, Oct 22, 2018 at 11:14 PM Zsolt Vági <zsovagi at gmail.com> wrote:

> Dear OVS Community!
> I work the following setup: on my server I run 5 VMs, 3 of which runs an
> ovs on top of them.
> Somewhat similar to this:
> Server-->OVS-->OVS-->OVS-->Server
> I try to measure the throughput between the two servers with iperf3. I can
> see with tcmpdump, that the SYN packets go through my network and arrive to
> the server on the right end, but it does not recognise them, and does not
> send back a SYN-ACK. I've also tried to switch the roles so that the server
> on the left becomes the iperf3 server, and the server on the right the
> iperf3 client, but the same problem appears.
> When I run the iperf3 client on the most right switch - which is directly
> connected to the server on the right - the experiment works without any
> problem. But as soon as there is at least 1 switch in between, I do not get
> any results.
> Can you please help me figure out the problem? Thank you in advance.
> Kind Regards
> Zsolt
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