[ovs-discuss] [SFC NSH] Update "eth_dst" for original packet after decap nsh encapsulation packet.

Hoàng Công Phước hoangphuocbk2.07 at gmail.com
Thu Jan 10 19:26:03 UTC 2019

Hi experts,

I am trying to update "eth_dst" for original packet after decap nsh
encapsulation packet. Here is my command about it:

$ sudo ovs-ofctl add-flow br-int "table=10, priority=1, dl_vlan=4,
dl_dst=fa:16:3e:05:3a:12, dl_type=0x894f, nsh_mdtype=1, nsh_spi=0x33,
nsh_si=254, actions=strip_vlan,
move:NXM_OF_ETH_DST->OXM_OF_PKT_REG0[0..47], decap(), decap(),
move:OXM_OF_PKT_REG0[0..47]->NXM_OF_ETH_DST, output:tap62c2fc56-14"

However, I got an error, that is:
"2019-01-10T19:11:27Z|00001|meta_flow|WARN|destination field eth_dst lacks
correct prerequisites
ovs-ofctl: actions are invalid with specified match

If I remove "move:NXM_OF_ETH_DST->OXM_OF_PKT_REG0[0..47]" and
"move:OXM_OF_PKT_REG0[0..47]->NXM_OF_ETH_DST", it worked. So there is an
error with copy eth_dst value from outer to inner packet. I am beginner
with Open vSwitch, so it's very helpful if someone can help me to figure
the problem out.

Thank you so much!
Hoàng Công Phước
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