[ovs-discuss] Question about hw-offload function

txfh2007 txfh2007 at aliyun.com
Mon Jan 14 14:03:50 UTC 2019

Hi all:    
    I am running ovs with dpdk(version: ovs: 2.10.1,  dpdk:17.11.4), and mellanox connectX4-LX nic has been attached on dpdk port. When I set hw-offload=true, and  wish to offload rte_flow to mellanox nic. I get the following error: "netdev_dpdk(dp_netdev_flow_4)|ERR|rte flow create error: 2 : message : flow rule creation failure".
   After gdb trace I find only flow translated by pkt rx from nic could get successful offloading, and when pkts are from VMs, the dp_netdev_flow_offload_put task could get this error. The problem is when large amounts of pkts get by OVS, the rte_flow offload error logs generates so quickly and which would  slow down ovs-dpdk performance. 
    Can anyone tell me if I was wrong, and what should I do to solve this problem.     Many thanks!!


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