[ovs-discuss] Help about "ovs-vsctl add-port" command

pei Jikui jkpei at hotmail.com
Thu Jan 24 03:10:48 UTC 2019


1) When I tried to add a port in ovs-version 2.8.1 via "ovs-vsctl add-port br0 port1" command, the following error hint occurred.

"ovs-vsctl: Error detected while setting up 'poas': could not open network device poas (No such device).  See ovs-vswitchd log for details.
ovs-vsctl: The default log directory is "/usr/local/ovs/var/log/openvswitch"."

2) While the same command works well in ovs version2.0.0.

3) I googled and there is a answer saying that before adding a port into ovs, the port must be seen via "ifconfig -a" which mean it must exist before being added into ovs.

Is the answer 3) is right? If yes, this is a behavior change from 2.0.0.? If 3) is not the right answer, how I could fix this?


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