[ovs-discuss] [HELP] Question about linux kernel version supported by OVS 2.10.1

txfh2007 txfh2007 at aliyun.com
Tue Jan 29 01:06:48 UTC 2019

Hi everyone:
    I have found the table of ovs feature && Linux upstream in release.rst. From this chart we could found some ovs feature need higher linux kernel version. But my linux kernel is redhat 3.10, and I have found some feature in the list also worked well, such as connection tracking && tunnel-Geneve. 
    so my question is, should we  update the linux kernel version listed in chart to fullfill all ovs 2.10.1 feature?
    ===================== ============== ============== ========= =======
    Feature               Linux upstream Linux OVS tree Userspace Hyper-V
    ===================== ============== ============== ========= =======
    NAT                   4.6            YES            Yes       NO
    Connection tracking   4.3            YES            PARTIAL   PARTIAL
    Tunnel - LISP         NO             YES            NO        NO
    Tunnel - STT          NO             YES            NO        YES
    Tunnel - GRE          3.11           YES            YES       YES
    Tunnel - VXLAN        3.12           YES            YES       YES
    Tunnel - Geneve       3.18           YES            YES       YES
    Tunnel - GRE-IPv6     NO             NO             YES       NO
    Tunnel - VXLAN-IPv6   4.3            YES            YES       NO
    Tunnel - Geneve-IPv6  4.4            YES            YES       NO
    QoS - Policing        YES            YES            YES       NO
    QoS - Shaping         YES            YES            NO        NO
    sFlow                 YES            YES            YES       NO
    IPFIX                 3.10           YES            YES       NO
    Set action            YES            YES            YES       PARTIAL
    NIC Bonding           YES            YES            YES       YES
    Multiple VTEPs        YES            YES            YES       YES
    Meters                4.15           YES            YES       NO
    ===================== ============== ============== ========= =======

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