[ovs-discuss] configuration of min_rate of a queue in OVS

Miguel Gonzalez miguel.gonzalez.peiteado at gmail.com
Tue Jul 9 10:22:17 UTC 2019

Hello all,
I would like to ask you two questions regarding the configuration of queues
in an OVS

1- I want to define 2 queues with priorities in a port, the queue with the
higher priority should have all the available BW when is transmitting, and
the other one should use the remaining BW if its some free.
In order to do that, I am configuring a HTB with max_rate=100000 and 2
queues with different priorities:
sudo ovs-vsctl create queue other-config:priority=2
other-config:min-rate=10 other-config:burst=80000

sudo ovs-vsctl create queue other-config:priority=1
other-config:min-rate=100000 other-config:burst=80000

sudo ovs-vsctl create qos type=linux-htb \
other-config:max-rate=100000 \
queues:2=ac434c08-e58a-43b2-90cb-f490baf948e9 \

The problem is that the min_rate of queue 2 is always 12kbps, even i
created with 1 bps. Do you know why is that happening? is it the mininmun
min_rate of an OVS?  How can set the min_rate value to 0?

2- My second question is also related to the configuration of a queue in a
port. Moreover, I have a SW with 2 interfaces, and I want to configure one
queue in one interface that is the incoming and outgoing interface for some
flows. My problem is that the packets go to the queue, but then they are
not proccessed.
Can you also help me here?
the rule I am creating is the next one:
sudo ovs-ofctl add-flow -O OpenFlow13 s1

Thank you for your help,

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