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Heim, Dennis Dennis.Heim at wwt.com
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Yes, that is what I want. Packet from vlan 10 arrive at e1.  S-vlan tag 500 added and sent via e0. That does not work. However, packets arriving via e0 with 2 vlan tags, are routed to e1 after stripping the s-vlan (500) tag.

However, the inverse, I am not seeing any traffic. Pac

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Hi Dennis, 

On Tue, Jul 16, 2019 at 02:19:40PM +0000, Heim, Dennis wrote:
> I have 2 ports on this vSwitch:
> ->eth0 (dot1q trunk) that faces the services provider. Service 
> ->VLAN=500. Tunnel-Mode=dot1q-tunnel
> ->eth1 (dot1q trunk) that faces the customer LAN. Traffic is arriving this interface with VLAN 10 tagged. 

And the Customer LAN (VLAN10) tagged traffic should be carried with 500,10 through the Service Provider network?

So you get pakets from eth0 tagged with 500 from the Service Provider?
Why you would like to remove the tag 500 on Port 500?

I think you want to encapsulate any tagged traffic (or maybe only vlan 10 tagged traffic) on port eth1 with dot1q-tunnel port and (s)vlan 500. And transport these douple tagged pakets out of port eth0?

Or did i misunderstand something?

If i'm correct, i think you want the following config:

ovs-vsctl set port eth1 tag=500 vlan_mode=dot1q-tunnel ovs-vsctl set port eth0 tag=500 

All ingress tagged traffic on eth1 will be double tagged and egress on port eth0 (double-tagged). Each paket tagged with vlan 500 (and maybe some inner tag) will be carried through eth1 and outer vlan tag will be removed (500). 


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