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but with your config on eth0, dot1q-tunnel will remove vlan tag 500 on egress. I don't think this
is what you want.

My proposal was to configure eth1 as dot1q-tunnel port to add/remove s-vlan tag on ingress/egress
and configure eth0 as "normal" port in vlan 500.


On Tue, Jul 16, 2019 at 07:00:16PM +0000, Heim, Dennis wrote:
> Yes, that is what I want. Packet from vlan 10 arrive at e1.  S-vlan tag 500 added and sent via e0. That does not work. However, packets arriving via e0 with 2 vlan tags, are routed to e1 after stripping the s-vlan (500) tag.
> However, the inverse, I am not seeing any traffic. Pac
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> Hi Dennis, 
> On Tue, Jul 16, 2019 at 02:19:40PM +0000, Heim, Dennis wrote:
> > I have 2 ports on this vSwitch:
> > ->eth0 (dot1q trunk) that faces the services provider. Service 
> > ->VLAN=500. Tunnel-Mode=dot1q-tunnel
> > ->eth1 (dot1q trunk) that faces the customer LAN. Traffic is arriving this interface with VLAN 10 tagged. 
> And the Customer LAN (VLAN10) tagged traffic should be carried with 500,10 through the Service Provider network?
> So you get pakets from eth0 tagged with 500 from the Service Provider?
> Why you would like to remove the tag 500 on Port 500?
> I think you want to encapsulate any tagged traffic (or maybe only vlan 10 tagged traffic) on port eth1 with dot1q-tunnel port and (s)vlan 500. And transport these douple tagged pakets out of port eth0?
> Or did i misunderstand something?
> If i'm correct, i think you want the following config:
> ovs-vsctl set port eth1 tag=500 vlan_mode=dot1q-tunnel ovs-vsctl set port eth0 tag=500 
> All ingress tagged traffic on eth1 will be double tagged and egress on port eth0 (double-tagged). Each paket tagged with vlan 500 (and maybe some inner tag) will be carried through eth1 and outer vlan tag will be removed (500). 
> HTH,
> tim
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